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Manchester, Connecticut - Manchester High School Class of 2004 Community

About Manchester, Connecticut

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The amount of Manchester-related communities has grown from about nil in the beginning of this year to at least three.  As such, I provide the following communities I've found(ed) for your enjoyment:

mhs2004 - A community for the MHS Class of 2004.  If you're one of that class, join up, so that ten years down the road we can talk about our annoying jobs, update people on upcoming Class of 2004 events, laugh about that stupid drama that took place a dozen years ago, and other things.  We may go on to other things, but there's no reason that, in this day of technology a class of students never has to hear from eachother again.  This community was founded and is managed by yours truely.  You're already here, so no need to click on this link.

isurvivedmhs - We all have certain experiences in our life, and then there's MHS.  A community open to the entire population of MHS, current and past.  If you survived, or are making that attempt everday to survive MHS, this community is for you.

manchester_conn - A newly formed community, this one is not just about schools, but is instead for all that is Manchester, Connecticut.

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