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Manchester High School Class of 2004 Community

Where we gather to remember...

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Welcome to the quasi-official Live Journal community of the Manchester High School Class of 2004. Recently, a member of MHS' class of 1955 created a website to try and get in touch with old class members, update people on reunions, talk about the past, etc. While there is no website (yet), I thought this community might be a good idea for us, the class of 2004, to update everybody on what's up in their lives. We could also post information regarding reunions, or whatever.

Just a few rules:
I take it that we're all adults, or at the very least, can act responsible. Therefore, please keep posts civil. This journal is a place for us to gather to have an enojoyable time, not a place to attack other members. Entries that are seen by me or any other moderator as counter-productive to the community will be deleted. Now, don't think I'm trying to be a rulemonger. Like I said, we're here to gather, and possibly even chat, which is ok. I'm referring to the posts that will start angry fights. I think I can speak for us all when I say that we don't want to see anger.